We provide our UVC-LED disinfection solution to one of the biggest hospitals and private sector companies in Finland.
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We are proud that one of the biggest hospitals and companies in Finland to join us on this exciting journey to co-create UVC-LED disinfection solutions.
Helsinki Hospital, Tampere Hospital, Turku Hospital, Kuopio Hospital, Posti Group Ltd., DNA Ltd.

Disinfection of Signature Pads

Finnish National Post in spring 2020 bought the first 16 IQ-Mobile 80 boxes and, soon after, 50 boxes more to disinfect signature pads after each use. The advantage is that boxes have batteries and could be charged with a car electric connector. It gave Posti Oy workers the freedom to take IQ-Mobile boxes with them every time they visit the customer and disinfect devices on a place.


In autumn 2019, Finnish Mobile Operator DNA Oyj bought the first 16 pcs IQ-Mobile 80 boxes and soon after, 54 pcs more to disinfect mobile phones received from customers for the repair. Moreover, in every DNA store in Finland, it is possible to find 1-2 IQ-Mobile boxes for disinfecting showroom devices. Please check the video to see more.

Please check the video to see more.

Disinfection of VIRVE PRODUCTS

VIRVE  has been selling professional radios to all user segments for the VIRVE nationwide TETRA network for 20 years, serving public safety customers throughout the radios’ life cycles. VTP also sells a wide range of accessories and even manufactures special accessories, such as chargers, cables, table microphones and installation kits. Virve became Led Future customer spring 2020 and bought 15+ IQ-Mobile boxes as a selling package together with its own products. Virve supplies National Police, Finnish Army and other Finnish authorities.


LED FUTURE designed and manufactured a unique disinfection solution for Fiskars Oyj. The project was to provide quick and efficient disinfection for glass blowing tubes before the next worker picked the tube. The cabinet fits 12 glass blowing tubes of 150cm height at the same disinfection cycle. With a disinfection efficiency of 99%, the disinfection time is 5 min only.

3D glasses and 3D equipment

LED FUTURE Disinfection Cabinet is a perfect solution for disinfecting small and medium-sized objects. 3D glasses and 3D equipment can not be disinfected with the usage of chemicals. UVC LED lights solved this problem. The cabinet has a basket where multiply objects can be disinfected at the same disinfection cycle. With a disinfection efficiency of 99,9%, the disinfection time is 2 min only.

Disinfection of security trays

Our Disinfection System provides full 360-degree disinfecting for security trays at Helsinki airport. LED UVC lights are barely visible for human eyes; therefore, the blue light is an ongoing disinfection indicator. UVC LED units are installed in the invisible area of the security trays return system; therefore, it is 100% safe for humans. In the pictures above, the panels have been removed temporarily. UVC LED lights to destroy 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in 15 sec before the tray returns.

Hospitals & Healthcare

Ambulances, Rooms, Cabins, Different Areas, Operating Theaters, Pass-Through Cabinets

public places

Escalator Disinfection, Offices, Education Facilities, Museums, Malls, Retail, Hotels & Restaurants


Public Transport, Cars, Ambulances, Air Planes


Air Facilities, Airport, Conveyor belt, disinfecting luggage, Security containers, Escalator handrail disinfection, Airplanes

small objects

Keys, Wallet, Mobile Phones, Remote Controls, Stethoscopes, Other Small Objects

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