We provide our UVC-LED disinfection solution to one of the biggest hospitals and private sector companies in Finland.
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We are proud that one of the biggest hospitals and companies in Finland to join us on this exciting journey to co-create UVC-LED disinfection solutions.
Helsinki Hospital, Tampere Hospital, Turku Hospital, Kuopio Hospital, Posti Group Ltd., DNA Ltd.

Hospitals & Healthcare

Ambulances, Rooms, Cabins, Different Areas, Operating Theaters, Pass-Through Cabinets

public places

Escalator Disinfection, Offices, Education Facilities, Museums, Malls, Retail, Hotels & Restaurants


Public Transport, Cars, Ambulances, Air Planes


Air Facilities, Airport, Conveyor belt, disinfecting luggage, Security containers, Escalator handrail disinfection, Airplanes

small objects

Keys, Wallet, Mobile Phones, Remote Controls, Stethoscopes, Other Small Objects

custom solutionS

let's shape the future of UVC-led disinfection together by creating custom solution that best meet your needs.
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