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Car keys are dirtier than you think

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Car keys are dirtier than you think. They are among the dirtiest objects you touch every day.

Car keys carry bacterias and viruses that are transmitted when car keys are handed to another driver. It is not only a problem for families but also for companies that have shared vehicles (police cars, ambulances, security companies, cleaning companies, rental excavators, mining contractors). It is crucial to keep co-workers safe during covid 19 and regular seasonal influenza.

When you pick up car keys for your work car, how can you know if the previous user has been healthy? It is the reason to clean your car keys regularly, especially if you are sharing your car. Car rental companies have been heavily impacted by covid 19 and the safety measures for keeping customers safe.

How to clean your car keys safely? Usually, car keys are disinfected with a soft cloth and alcohol mixture. Even though keys are for hard usage, alcohol might wear out the surface material of the keys. Alcohol does not spread into small gaps/holes where the bacteria/virus might be presented. Also, car keys are an electronic device, so you must be careful not to use too many liquids to damage the device.

In this blog post, we provide information about disinfecting car keys with UVC-LED. UVC is UV light that has a shorter wavelength than UV-B or UV-A. Usually, the wavelength that is utilized in disinfection solutions is between 220nm and 270nm (UVA (320 to 400 nm), UVB (280 to 320 nm), and UVC (200 to 280 nm). The benefits of UVC compared to UVB and UVA are that UVC is very effective against the bacteria/virus and relatively safe in disinfection applications (safety measures of the devices need to be taken care of). A simplified explanation is that UVC causes micro damages virus/bacterias RNA and when virus or bacteria tries to multiply, it dies.

Who do we recommend the disinfection box? Costruction machinery rental companies, mining companies, security companies, post offices, waste management companies. Also, rental car companies can provide service for their customers.