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How to disinfect your phone with UVC LED

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Create a habit – clean your phone regularly!

Frequently washing your hands has become a habit for most people due to the covid-19 pandemic. Let’s make a new habit, cleaning your smartphone regularly. It will help protect us from seasonal flu and possible future epidemics.

Several studies and articles show that smartphones are a source of transferring pathogens at home and in the workplace. Another study even indicates that healthcare workers do not regularly clean their phones. It increases the risk for healthcare workers and patients to have pathogen transmission from phones. An established habit of phone disinfection would help to improve safety in hospitals.

In this blog post, we show you how to clean your phone with UV-light.

UVC-LED disinfection device [IQ-Mobile] is a safe and easy way to clean your phone. IQ-Mobile has a unique design so that the UVC-light reaches all the surfaces of the phone. UVC-light is safe for disinfection objects.

Led Future disinfection device IQ-Mobile is possible to use also in the hospitals or other electromagnetic sensitive areas. It doesn't emit a large amount of electromagnetic interference (known as radiated and conducted emissions) and the device continues to function correctly in the presence of several electromagnetic phenomena.

Examples of application:

  1. At a hotel reception for the use of the quests.
  2. In the coffee rooms side table where employees can disinfect their phones.
  3. Schools
  4. Waiting rooms in medicals centers and hospitals.
  5. Care units
  6. Gyms and sport centers and so on...