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How to provide maximum safety in work premises amid COVID-19?

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The world is trying to get back on track while the pandemic is still hiding around the corner. However, this does not mean one has to compromise with health and safety. While many countries return to normal, safety standards are on high alert than ever.

How Can Businesses Stay Safe?

Apart from washing hands, social distancing, etc., what should the businesses do to ensure protection?

Systematic cleaning and spreading of disinfectants is one option, but there will always remain areas and surfaces in constant touch exposure.

COVID-19 cannot be seen without the help of equipment, making it even more complicated to know whether a surface is clean.

Many industries have to deal with the possibility of contamination through shared surfaces and a high chance of infection. 

Is there a Solution?

Led Future offers a wide range of products that can be a great help in preventing the virus spread.

SARS-CoV-2 could effectively be inactivated by UVC irradiation, even at high viral titers.

Led Future UVC LED Disinfection devices can be used in industries like hospitality, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, food and beverages, transportation, retail, etc., to disinfect shared surfaces.


Led Future UVC LED devices emit ultraviolet (UV) light, which is harmful to the skin and eyes. LED Future disinfection devices have safety measurements (motion sensors, door open/close indicators, automatic switch-off) to protect from dangerous exposure.